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With the help of a cadre of volunteers and funeral homes, in March 2018 the AMEEN Project Janazah app was born, going live in the app stores of Android and Apple. We received the full support from every local Muslim-owned funeral home and many masjids. In observing the app’s usage and downloads during 2019, we noticed a demand for other feature request that will benefit the community including finding nearest Jummah with updated Jummah time, local major Muslim events, dua board where community can post dua, Muslim version of “Craigslist” and other resources in one centralized completely free app . This is where the AMEEN Community Resource app is born– a centralized Muslim community resource app for Washington, DC metropolitan area.  By utilizing the participation of funeral homes, masjid, and everyday people, we are bringing together our American Muslim community in a way never before seen. We encourage you to donate and become an active contributor to this great project. May everlasting reward and sadika jaria be yours always!

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