Ameen Project

Modules and features


  • It includes all of your area’s Janazah. It’s posted on a daily basis with notification so there won’t be anything ever left unvisited or forgotten. The daily Janazah list is updated with news of all local cemeteries. You can choose anyone from the list to attend your loved ones’ gravesides, so there’s no need for uncertainty or worry!
  • The most sacred site in Islam, the Ka’aba is an important aspect of Saudi culture. Visitors come from all over the world to pray and see this place for themselves. The live stream of the Kaaba in Makkah will be available 24/7.a
  • Jummah is a time for reflection and gratitude, so why not make your journey easier? Jummah is near you. You can see the timings of each mosque, so there are never any missed prayers! You can see all the timings for Jummahes from one mosque to another, including when it starts and ends! Making it easy to know when your next prayer is happening!
  • Qibla finder can help you determine the Qibla at any place. It has an intuitive interface and allows me to pinpoint exactly where I need it most, no matter what city or country we’re in at the moment!
  • Manually adjust the settings for this app to make it more convenient. Enable or disable notifications if you want fewer interruptions during work hours! You can choose whether or not you want notifications from this app.

event list

The app is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all your events. Whether it’s upcoming or past, this handy little tool will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening where! It’s a great way to stay up on all of your upcoming events. You can choose from both past and future ones, with some activities listed as well!

Azaan Alarms

The perfect reminder to keep up your faith! You can even set a time for when the Azan should sound, so no matter what you’re doing or where in life’s journey we may be at any given moment it will gently remind us that there is always something worth standing tall for.

Digital Quran

This app contains the entire Quran in Arabic for you to read. You can even play with different Famous reciters to make this sacred text come alive!

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